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  This goods(ALS-2001 owl
) is Intelligent Auto Lighting System 
  which senses amount of light automatically and makes tail light 
  and head light turned on/off when the car is being driven in tunnel,  
  underground parking place or when sun sets and sun rises. 

   - Convenient driving because tail light or head light is turned on by sensing amount of light 
   - Convenient usage without switch operation and free change between auto and manual.
   - Tail light is turned on automatically when wiper begins to work. 
      because this goods regards it as raining regardless of amount of light.
   - Function of DRL(Daytime Running Light) when sensor part is not stuck.
   - Function of usage in 12V whole car kinds.

Specification and Usage method
Item Content
A U T O Automatic on/off according to amount of light
Automatic lighting when wiper is operated
MANUAL Case that manual operation is needed.
( selection switch )
P or N Selection according to wiper signal kind.
PR or N Selection according to car kind.

  - Usage method
   1. The switch of tail light and head light maintains off because this goods senses amount of light 
       automatically without special operating after establishment.
       ( The switch should maintain manual when improvement of car or manual operation is needed.)  
   2. Tail light and head light is turned off automatically if engine of car is stopped after driving.
       Because Delay time(3~4second) between tail light off and head light off is set up turning off
       slightly late is normal condition.

Establishment method
   - Main component and Establishment method
   - Working test and Working range.
   - Main wiring diagram and Warning.

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