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 Infrared Ear Thermometer(MET-100) offers easy, safe, accurate
 and fast temperature measurement in the ear. Ear Thermometer  is more accurate for taking the core body temperature than other  site of the body, since the eardrum shares blood vessels within
 the temperature control center in the brain(hypothalamus).
 Therefore, variations in body temperature are reflected sooner
 and more accurate in the ear than the other sites of the body.


         Quick and easy 1second body temperature measurement
       - In measuring body temperature, it rings signal within 1second 
         and indicates body temperature.
       - 9 time measurement in 1 second ,           Indication of highest temperature.
       - It can check health of not only baby, child but
         also all family.    

 Safe and convenient function
       - Continuous measurement and automatic OFF,
          Photoelectric thermometer. 
       - Automatic memory of the latest 10 time measured 
          temperature ,Confirmation function.
       - light weight(53g) and convenience in use and hand, 
       - Exact measurement within ±0.2 by use of eardrum that 
         own blood jointly same as hypothalamus of brain.

 Wide-range Measurement
       - Room temperature.
       - Milks in nursing bottle.
       - Surface temperature of baby's bath water. 

     Certification Mark




     Measurement Method

Infrared from the eardrum
     Measuring & Displayed
0 100 ( 32 212 )
     Operating Temperature 16 40 ( 60.8 104 )
     Display Resolution 0.1 or 0.1
     Accuracy(Laboratory) 36 39 : ±0.2 / 96.8 102.2 : ±0.4
Other range : ±0.3/ ±0.5
     Storage -20 50 ( -4 122 ) up to 95%RH non-condensing
     Memory Stores up to 10 measurements
     Battery life 5,000 measurements
     Battery DC 3V Lithium Battery CR2032
     Weight 53g(including Battery)
     Dimension 136mm(L) X 38mm(W) X 40mm(H)


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