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  Alcoscan AL-2500 is very easy to use hand held type breath   alcohol tester.
  AL-2500 is a highly sensitive and reliable accuracy  alcohol
  detector, especially useful for self checking the  B.A.C.


         - Highly selective semi-conductor sensor.
No need to use mouthpiece
Battery Low indication
Auto power off After 5 minutes
3 digits type
CE approved.




   Indication of B.A.C

0.0 to 0.40% B.A.C. or 0.00 to 0.40g/or mg/ equivalent by LED display

   Warning Up Below 30 Seconds
   Response time within 2 seconds
   Mouth piece No need to use
   Sensor Semiconductor type alcohol sensor
   Continuous using time    without battery recharge Over 2 hours
   Power supply Two 1.5V "AA" Alkaline batteries
   Weight 85g (Including batteries)
   Dimension 104mm(L) X 40mm(W) X 20mm(T)


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